Imagenes de Nuestro Mundo

Welcome to the official weblog of National Geographic photographer and writer Ricardo Carrasco, who specializes on South America.

Here you will find details about his stock list, who his clients are, read some of his articles, find out how to contact him, as well information on photo expeditions in South America.


RCSPHOTO is a growing collection of over 25 thousand 35mm slides of South America, duly classified and labelled by subject, location, season, and scientific name when applicable. All images are available for you to purchase for advertising, editorial, website, or personal use. In some cases we can also license an image exclusively. For more information about our archive, preferred format and delivery method please contact us.


Discover the forgotten secrets of the Great Atacama and the milenial remains of the peoples who mastered the desert.Deep Atacama Desert photo expedition

A 10-day photographic expedition through Prehispanic roads, cultivation fields in the absolute desert and prehispanic towns in the middle of the apparent emptiness that tell us of the life that dared challenge the driest land in the world. Expertly planned and guided by our specialist in the deep desert, Mr. Pablo Canarte.

One in a series of photo adventures in South America designed by our specialists in the field. To reserve your space or receive more information on photographic field trips please contact us.